Kamis, 12 Februari 2009

Sebuah tulisan, Untuk teman, Lawan, Keluarga.

I spend all my days here the same way,
chilling out, relaxed and unconcerned.
There are so many things to do,
a lot of them impossible for me.
It’s totally overwhelming,
but I’m always ready to do what I can
because everyone has a smile on their face.
I may not say it very often,
but I really am grateful for my family and friends.
The time we spend together is so special,
I could never replace any of them.
We’ve got this moment, we’ve got each other,
stopping, standing and laughing together.
I’m so thankful, I could cry.

I promise to all of you, I’ll never forget it, all of my precious ones,
who laugh with me, support me,and keep me going

This feeling is so wonderful,
it makes today seem like a wild dream.

I just want everyone to be friendly in front of others
The loss of sadness makes everyone smile
Once in awhile, I use my own style which is left in the junk
Like when you watched me when I wrapped

I'm too embarrassed to say anymore, but thank you
When I'm alone in a tunnel, the light spills to you
You call me, when you're busy and tired to say “Good night”
There is always kindness and happiness

Sometimes,things are tense but things always end up good
Eventually, it comes from important and heartfelt wishes

But I am always thankful to be alive now
I'll tell you, I'm always happy.

Thank you, Thank you, thank you,
Thank you, thank you, thank you

-Kansha, RSP-

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